piątek, 8 marca 2019

Michał Marusik MEP: Hands off Poland ! Ręce precz od Polski !

Michał Marusik MEP:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we Poles remember exactly the time when the decisions about what we Poles were allowed to do, and what not allowed, were made in Moscow. In Moscow, the limits of our political freedom and sovereignty were set. There has changed a lot now, but we seen that for us Poles the things in this matter haven't changed much because currently the limits of our political freedom are to be determined and designated by Brussels and Strasbourg, alike before by Moscow. We know that the violence to the nations and states ended with the death of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. And the same procedure of interference into the political freedom of nations and states will end with the death of the Union of Socialist European Republics. And there will be nothing to regret. Because free citizens and safe people in free and safe national states - this should be our goal.
A few hundred years ago, there was an institution of a whipping boy at the ruling European courts. Today, you've made a whipping boy from Poland. I will say what the Polish street says: "Hands off Poland !"
(ed. translation)


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